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Quantitative Surveys

We employ professionals qualified to read blueprints and accurately develop true quantities for construction materials purchasing. With these quantities we are also able to develop valid labor

Complete Estimates

JPM Construction Consultants, Inc. employs certified professional estimators who are able to develop conceptual, definitive and budget extimates in all fields and disciplines. All estimates are done in a unit price, unit labor breakdown.

Certified Appraisals

JPM offers clients in-house availability of certified professional appraisers. We provide realty appraisals for all types of properties for tax consulting purposes, fire damage evaluations, insurance appraisals, evalutations for refinancing, determination of mortgage value and establishment of true market value. Certification is with the American Association of Certified Appraisers.

Cost Control Work

JPM seeks, through cost control support, to assist management in determining the profitability of any or all phases of the construction project including:

  • Development of a bid package
  • Unit pricing of materials and labor
  • Evaluation of incoming bids
  • Issuance of monthly cost reports
  • Cash flow and budget analysis
  • Forcasting
  • Change order preparation
  • Value analysis and life cycle cost services for marketing puposes
  • Utilization of indices for the forecasting of escalations
  • Productivity assessments and analysis of contractor’s bids and estimates

Construction Management Assistance

Private owners may not have all of the technical capabilities to manage the various phases of their own projects. Construction projects necessarily involve a myriad of professionals, users, owners and contractors, each involved for profit at some phase of completion. The JPM consultant can organize these parties as an independent representative of the client to insure that his best interests are served and that maximum profitability is achieved. As your representative we can:

  • Coordinate activity undertaken by owners, design professionals and contractors
  • Schedule meetings between the aforementioned people to discuss progress
  • Issue regular progress reports
  • Perform on-site inspections
  • Coordinate testing prior to startup to insure smooth operation

Project Management

The task of project management (involving contractual agreemenets, pre-construction planning, cost control, scheduling, accurate record keeping and organization, and contract adminstration through completion) successufilly executed, determines profitability. As consultants, JPM will represent the client company to provide total project management by coordinating field and office operations to insure successful, on time progress from project inception though completion.

Field Management Services

JPM personnel can effect turnkey completion of projects that develop unforseen financial problems. JPM’s professional evalutation and analysis of troublesome projects in early stages of difficulty can reduce the client’s risk by limiting his direct involvement. We are experienced with a broad specturm of construction difficulties and can provide the following services to resolve problems often encountered by sureties and financial institutions:

  • Audits of contract claims and payables
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Analyze and estimate cost to complete
  • Contract review and negotiations
  • Change order analysis
  • Evaluation of construction claims
  • On-site inspections
  • Field supervision
  • Services as completeing contractor
  • Turnkey operation

Certified Home Inspections

JPM is a New Jersey Certified Home Inspector by the Housing Inspection Foundation. Please call to inquire about a customized residential home inspection quote.

Construction Claims Investigation

Construction disputes must be investigated carefully in order to determine liability and damages or to prove that none exist. JPM will examine a claim for its validity and perform a complete damage analysis. These services can be provided for either claimant or defendant. Our specialists will assist the client through:

  • Calculation of delays, inefficiencies and damages
  • Preparation of CPM Schedules or historical review of the same
  • Expert witness testimony, if required
  • Provide visual exhibits and assist with interrogation proceedings
  • Strategy planning assistance
  • Advice regarding settlement proceedings
  • Expert reports provide hard evidence though the organization of historical data, well supported and conclusively presented

Project Planning, Scheduling, & Controls

JPM Construction Consultants, Inc. has handled or assisted in the planning, scheduling activities and project controls for a wide variety of construction projects. Our involvement can commence from the early stages of design through completion or start up. The degree of responsibility assumed by us reduces the risk of error that results from mismanagment of time, cost and manpower.

Some devices utilized by JPM to insure that you are kept informed and the project flows smoothly are:

  • Regularly scheduled progress reports using a CPM or Gant Chart method created using computer applications such as PLAN/TRAX, P3 Primavera, or SURETRAK also by Primavera

CPM (Critical Path Scheduling) –
Charting of construction activities utiilizing a flow diagram.

GANT CHART – Bar chart method of depicting construction activities

  • Financial reports
  • Schedluing for phase completions
  • Corrective action development
  • Development of basic bar charts and flow curves for productivity

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